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March 22, 2010 2 comments

I remember my first day in under graduation vividly. I was carrying my trunk and a carrybag and got into the shabby hostel room and was thinking “This is where I am going to spend next 4 years”, having just travelled from the land of muntu(lunki), meen(fish) and mustache to the land of ragma, dehi and paratha and after the horrible experience in Delhi, the hole we call room didnt appeal much . A couple of hours later came the ‘seniors’ making use of the 1 hour space b/w security guard shift.
Senior in my ro0m:

Senior 1: Tere Maa(Mother) ke !@#@ ,  Behaan(Sister) Ki  @$@#$ blah blah bla bla bla.(friends from that part of India have a particular penchant for other peoples mothers and sisters and their names are always at the tip of their tongue..hehe)
S2: bla bla bla bla bla Ma bla bla behan bla bla
Some of them started plucking on my hairs and were pointing too my colored t-tshirt and commented(off course punctuated by MaKi’s and BehanKi’s). And then fell  the slaps. And hence had my first introduction to ragging at NIT hmrpur.

Later found out I was actually let of lightly compared to the others in the ground floor and the pulling on the hair and pointing at the T-shirt probably meant I was having long hairs for a 1st year and probably was not following the dress code of the time. Anyway it was one of the sucky first experience at the new place. Dont get me wrong I really loved the college experience though not the initial days. Anyway don’t know why I am writing about it now.

Have a great day.

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rambling on…

May 9, 2007 1 comment

My biological clock has taken a summer sault and has landed on its head; now I wake up at 3:00 in the evening, sleep at 5:30 in the morning and goes to play football at 10:00 clock in the night, wash clothes at 3:00 in the night; now the lifestyle has become completely nocturnal. Have been spending th last week finishing the formalities for finishing the degree, had to get about 25 signatures for the no-due certificate, including sign from all the lab assistants-who infact seem to b enjoying their week of stardom, people running after them for autographs, u can catch them anywhere but at the labs. Now the students, no I mean Engineers have started to leave for their home bidding their final goodbyes. I to will be leaving day after tomorrow after getting all the formalities in place.

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One day in clg…

March 29, 2007 Leave a comment

Bang, Bang – the bang on my door to which i now usually wake up too. It was MUD banging to wake me for my 9:30 class. My attendance was already running below 75% cup off in Communication so had made sure someone wakes me up. Thought here the peak winter has descended there was that uneasy chill, the one that makes u too lazy to take a bath but a little hot to wear a sweater to class. So ended up just washing my head and sprayed some deodrant – the normal routine for most of us boys. Had a fast breakfast and made a run for the class and reached there only after the teacher had arrived.

Now as far as Communication System class goes, the fact is this teacher’s monotonous somniferous lecture has been known to put the most chronic insomaniac among us to sleep. 5 min into the class the regular pattern was repeating- Vej already slumed into deep sleep, Cham and Abhi involed in their own number game, Ashi taking snaps(what he does with this I dont get), Arun trying best to get the attention of the fairer sex, me and other backbenchers busy reading the new college magazine tucked under the copy. The only time everyone comes to attention is when the teacher starts callling the rolls(I may not be speaking for the entire class, there are some gals who Sleep Books, Eat books, Live books) . There was only 2hrs class in all during the first half, retuned to hostel to mess and attended 2 more hours of class after that.

Afer the class went to the TPO, as usual he was equivocating continuously – this might come now, or then, should that come-damn it he does that too often. Sometimes I really wonder why I took the responsibility for T&P. Returned and took a nap(seems this is the only thing we guys do regularly) and watched movie till 1AM. Now busy preparing for the seminar I have to give tomorrow, its 2 in the night and am yet to take off with the seminar. And yet here I am tucked away in the singlet room in Mani Mahesh Boys Hostel rumbling along not bothered about the impending doom that might befall if i miss the seminar deadline again.


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