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Its raining brides and grooms!

March 15, 2012 Leave a comment

The season of  marriages is approaching in India. It seems fair, if there can be a season for harvesting, festival of color or a season for kite flying then it seems natural that there should be a season for one of  India’s national obsession – marriages (did you know the most successful websites from India are matrimonial sites).  This  season is more bothersome than others since many of my buddies have decided to give up on their ‘BABAism’ and have decided to take the plunge into nuptial bliss- until death parts them. Anyway for me this translates to finding new people to go to the watering hole next time I get back in the country.

The bachelor pool had been steadily shrinking  for a couple of years now, they either end up being victims of their parent’s emotional blackmail,  or cultural obligation(practice of murrapenne) or  fall for the L with an o(w)e. It was a pleasant surprise to find that many of the infatuation during school and college time has blossomed into full fledged commitment and also in a very few cases heartbreaking break ups. In many ways life of people have changed a lot since the old days.

PS: Below ragecomic by myself is dedicated to my friends getting married this year. So happy and excited for you all.

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