I met ALI the first time in my uncles construction site in Doha, Qatar. He is  in his 50’s;  rich, full of energy and can always be spotted with his N95, bluetooth earphones and LandRover(did ya know Qatar has one of the highest LandRover density in the world). He is what people would identify as successful and he is, in the fiscal sense. On longer interaction  its evident he cant craft even a complete sentence of English(yup only mallu), have very arrow view of the world and holds many prejudices. Still it comes to basic question on why he is successful , then why is he rich,  does people become rich by becoming good in academics?  holding high ethics? Being a good speaker? being urbane?

Ali comes to my mind all the time; personally I despise the guy and his attitude, but he is a perfect example of someone who grew up from the grassroots, who with his personal skills and audacity grew from rags to  riches. His personality is contradictory to my friends from UG or now who believe wealth is accommodated by working in a multinational and people who look down upon people who are entrepreneurs and who try to network from the grassroot level. The same is very much evident in the US, take it Eric the tattoo guy or Sam the repair man. As someone put it ‘America is a country of shopkeepers'(I think that was Churchill) and yet they have so much success.

Wow I really dont remember what point I was going to make, and also I dont think I am qualified.

BTW above I have equated success with fiscal success but I do understand that is not the case.

Below is a pic of Doha Downtown. Pretty much a country under construction with big visions for the future.

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