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Howdy guys (|:-)

Our life is decided as much by the opportunities that we don’t take as the opportunity  we do.  I’m a strong believer in the Key Points in life, be it that college you selected to join, the first job, the entrance exam you cracked(or not), major accidents, major failure,the neighborhood you  decided to move to,that good friendship you made, the woman you may decide to spend the life with etc. These are various points which if it was different would have given a completely new trajectory to our life.

Musing back life has been good and personally was lucky enough to meet the right person at the right time nd being bestowed with ample opportunity.  My present life  is nothing that I  had planned of, getting a Masters in Technology/Science would have been something I would have been reluctant to consider in undergrad even if I had a gun pointed to my head, but fate had different plans. Life was much simpler in undergrad, everthing was well figured out be ; join the first job, get the promotion, move to that great place, buy that cool gadget> life was simple according to that naive undergrad… though have nothing to complain about, life’s been fair and I am glad to have met the wonderful people whom I would not have met if life had been as ‘planned’.

For all those people who are wondering(the 2 ppl who might stumble upon my blog) I am an international student at US of A.  This is my post after a very long time(after 1 1/2 yrs), I had given up  the blog for dead and had to use the ‘forgot password’ option to revive it now. Hoping to write regular entries here, looking forward to keeping this as a personal experience log in addition to my diary. Hope I don’t bore you with my narcissist rambling.

Saw this video about the international student experience in US of A by some one in Columbia University. Embedded here Part 1 of 4. Check out the rest at youtube. Somewhat true, I had gone through those experience and now see my  friends and roomies going through the same phases.


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