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Rejection Letter :(

The rejection letter at the SIBM(an MBA college)  site. Much better than the plain old ‘You are not selected’ letter. Well hoping to crack it next time.

Dear Candidate,

One who has a dream, who dared and will dare again.

Dreams are the stuff of life lived full. Dreams demand hard work and determination, tenacity and rocklike confidence

You know and I know that you have all these in full measure. A setback now cannot blight your future forever.

Trials and obstacles are the motivators that bring out the hidden best in us. May be some where you erred in judging the demands of the test, may be you had other transitory handicaps, may be you were prepared well but nervous – whatever the reason, you have no right to deem yourself unfit forever to be at SIBM. That defeatist attitude will not do.

In case you cannot wait do pursue other alternatives, get work experience or get admission in other MBA programs but do not deny yourself the dream of your life, because of one temporary setback.

The experience of the test you gave this time has given you insights to prepare better and smarter, has awakened your resolve that you can crack the SIBM test.

Remember no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

I know you will be with us at SIBM next time, because I know you have a dream, because I know you dared and because I know you will dare again with lessons learnt.

You have my best wishes and I look forward eagerly to welcome you at SIBM in 2009.




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