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June 2, 2007 Leave a comment

Been about 3 weeks now since I have left college and got back home in Cochin. I have been itching for long to get out of college and enter into the professional world but now that the college has concluded and the degree received the world has become very insecure and confusing; b4 I was always sure of what I was going to do next and the college and hostels were like a 2nd home, now I very much miss the hostel life and friends..miss friends really badly.

Cochin has visibly changed a lot since my last visit, development has taken root and optimism is in the air thanks to the Smart City and the state reconstruction drive taking place. Bill boards and ads everywhere now announce the impending housing and IT development boom and almost daily new project is being announced. Anyway better late than never, it was long overdue; hope we keep up the consistency. Wow and Cochin is damn hot (temp wise) now, coupled with the higher humidity its like a steaming pressure cooker here, hope its rains soon. See ya.

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