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Class Over

Yesterday unceremoniously came to an end the last class of my college degree, it was followed by some autograph signing on T-Shirt and Shawls. And top it all the last class was the most excruciating of the long classes I have ever attended, 2 hours of unending torture in the name of CAPSA followed by 3 class test. Unfortunately for me I had taken the aisle seat and had to take the full torture first hand; It was like some one torturing u for information and I was not even sure what information he needed.Thanks deveme I came out of all this in a single piece. 4 more exams and will be out of here with a designation Er before my name.

Our project review and general proficiency was held this week and both went better than expected. The project was completely last minute work; though we had a year to research and slog for the project we had procrastinated till the last minute to do most of the stuff; like report making and printing of the report, the preparation for the presentation commenced only 2 hour before the actual final review started. Anyway not much Ques were asked by the externals and everyone ended up satisfied. On the other hand the general profeciency review was a pleasant surprise in itself – the topic asked was completely in my fav turf ie general quiz.. ahh never had a more delightful inteview. I was suprised that the teachers knew so much about different places and culture especially about south India , I had always thought of them to be ignorant when it came to general awareness. Well some of the question  asked were:

1) Name the Keral minister in centre who always borrows his clothes when he goes for foreign trips.
a) Our very own Defence Minister A K Antony

2) Name any controversy the present CM had been in?
a) credos are too communist blah blah…

3) Who is the Prez and PM of IRAQ?
did’nt know this one

4) Abu Dhabi is the capital of which country?
a) UAE

5) Name 2 places in Iran and Iraq?

6) Name the present CM of Karanataka?
a) Dev govda’s son ; dont rem his name, some swamy…

7) Name the different ethnic( and religious) groups in Iraq?
a) Shias, Sunnis, Kurds

8) NAme the major river in Bagdad?
a) tetthiss or something of that sought /….

Don’t know why teachers are such a penchant for the middle east…

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