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KuDoS tO MySelF

My last semister is mid-way through, 4 more months and u have a new [pseudo] Engineer. Life has been good and memorable the last 4 yrs in college, though things could have been much better academically and friendship wise- alround campus life provides no regrets. Maybe I will get nostalgia and college-sick only when I actually passout.Had a hell of a part y during the holidays. The quiet get togetherof us school friends at N’s house later turned into a ‘koodi’ party at the local bar and a whole night brawling and drinking at N’s house. This is the first time I am staying away frm home during when in kerala, and to my suprise no objection was raised, maybe they consider me as grownup( though i seriously doubt I am). I also remember after being boozed calling up all the ppl from our school, me and mart and suraj together.Next morning had a hell of a time calling them back and explaining our behaviour, anyway they took it in good spirit. Knowing everyone of us will be going our diffferent way in a year added a feeling of nostalgia to it.

Here is the video we took from Neeraj’s phone during lohri(kite flying). Seen it are me, Neeraj, Madhan and Raghu.

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  1. February 5, 2007 at 7:42 PM

    Can I kno who u r??

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