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The impromptu new yrs resolution has gone down the drains in 3 weeks. Had a dull week, nothing to do, nothing happening and dull deadlines approaching. The project which we has selected in a chaste last semester under a professor has becme our albatross, cant make head or tail , nothing and the 1 st evaluation is in a couple of week. God save us.

Colour blindness test has taken craze in hostel after one person was disqualified from DRDO for being colour blind, the poor soul really did’n deserve it. These companies should insist on candidates mtaking the test before the interview, that way the candidate who fails the test can have option to sit for other companies.. A surprising number of students here turned out to be partially or completely colourblind. Colour blindness is mainly hereditary and can be arrested in some cased in the early stages. Take the test here.You can find many more online.

The countdown setup up in my google home page says ,101 days for classes to end, will pass out as a engineer then( ie if i don’t flunk any course this sem). A phase of a life is goin to end in the start of my professional life. For now passing out preperation in confined to copying all the stuffs in the LAN including 10 CD’s of friends and many tamil MP3’s. Alas some of the efforts that I have put in to bring companies into our college are finally starting to bear fruit with INFOSYS, TATA Power, MBT …etc finally acknowledging willingness to visit our college, but must say TPO is becoming complacent and showing indifference to the whole thing. Also the unplaced student are beginning to become nervous, hope they get into some decent company soon.

Started reading a new book yesterday – ‘ o Jeruselem’. Its the about the struggle and the military build up to the creation of Isreal and the wars that followed. I dont understand what all the passion is about and also it seem very unjust and in one word- mad. The problem after 6decades still persists and it only seems to be escalating with many wars are general mistrust in the middleeast now. Wonder whether their oil resource has been a boon or a bane for them, otherwise I don’t see why else the world would be so obsessed and meddling when it comes to middle east, after all there are many other placed like dafur which need the immediate world attention.

That reminds me of the Jerusalem Jew I met last time in train. Had a long chat with her, here are some of the things that I got to know frm her about Israel.

> Every citizen there have to undergo mandatory military trining and service for 3yrs for females and 5 yrs for males.

> She had stayed in Kashi for some time and very much into hindu mythology. Got to know from her that Indian and Jewish heritage originated at about the same time in history and were very much related.

> In Isreal its very much compulsory for everyone to learn Hebrew as the mother toungue and English as an alternate language.

> Hebrew language originated from Aramic which writen from right to left like Arabic.

> Explaind how to play a big bamboo flute which was gifted to her by a swami in kashi.

> Cochin Jews still live as a community in Jerusalem. She told me this when I told her I was from Cochin.

> The jewish still follow the old testaments.

> She gave demonstration abt how to pronounce jewis names, the words should come out directly from the throat. Her name was “IFAAAT”.

Its India’s 58th republic day in a few days.BEgan to appreciate being an indian more now after reading ‘o jerusalem’.

Republic Day

Jai Hind

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