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This time the event(for those who are not aware, this is the premier quizzing competition of our college) was held under aegis of the Q+ club. Here are some of the interesting questions that where asked:

Q. Whats the similarity b/w Rajnikanth (tamil actor) and John Major(former british PM)?
A. Both where bus conductors b4 making it big.

Q. “Exotic things would happen to and around him but he would be a neutral figure — an anonymous blunt instrument wielded by a Government Department.” Who is the creator of this character talking about here?
A. James Bond – creator Ian Fleming

Q. Who found the company Pixar and neXt?
A. Steve Jobs

Q. Whose book is Business at the Speed of Light?
A. Bill Gates

Q. Which American car has been named after the former Detroit mayor?
A. Cadillac

Q. _______ cannot be blames for people falling in love.(complete the quote by einstein)
A. Gravity

Q. Everyone has it, has a diameter zero every one act according to it. What is it?
A. Point of view (don’t know whether this can be classified as a GK question)

Thats all I remember now. My team ‘HOLY SHIT’ comprising me and Kalia won the 3rd place after loosing in the tie breaker round …cheers..

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